March 24, 2020

Feed the front line – Go fund me?

Feed the front line – Go fund me?

What’s this all about? Why are people donating to this?

I am a front line healthcare worker. I don’t need feeding. I have a job/wage….salary isn’t massive for my role, but it;s in line with the average industrial wage.

Why are all these do gooders/celebs getting behind a cause that’s not needed.

I can feed myself & my family. Why not throw your support behind some other cause that’s more needy at this time of crisis?

I have a weekly wage coming in….many thousands will not.

I will probably earn it like I never did before, but that;s life.

Earlier today, €300k was raised…how the hell is this going to be distributed to the 000’s of healthcare staff?

If you want to help the front line staff, then follow the WHO/HSE advise. End of.

There is a lot of shite/back clapping/look at me/ blah blah blah going on that would make you want to puke.

Follow the simple rules….knock it on the head, give the health system a chance to deal with what’s coming. Hopefully we come out the other side not too scarred. :thumbsup2:

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