October 7, 2019

NI vs ROI dealers

NI vs ROI dealers

With the impending duuun dunnn duun BREXIT ! will it change how you shop for your bike ?

My preference has always been to go north of the boarder for servicing, parts and sometimes a decent second hand machine. For the simple reason, customer service up there across the board is far far superior.

A quick example and I wont start naming shops, while some are bad at one thing they excel in other ways. I spoke to a dealer recently about changing the bars on my bike. I was given a figure that was literally pulled out of the air. They didn’t even bother checking what cables needed replacing etc so I’m not sure how they came up with the figure. On the flip side I asked a dealer of the same brand in the north for a price on installing a new cam, I got a price breakdown to include parts and labour.

I found this is across the board, doesn’t matter which brand BMW ,Kawasaki, Yamaha, HD, Ducati etc.

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