August 14, 2018

Visiting NW200 (from Australia)

Visiting NW200 (from Australia)

I am seeking some information on visiting the NW200 (I know there is a website). My wife & I hope to visit Ireland in May next year, She wants to see a friend in Dublin, and I want to see some races at the NW200.

We may take a cottage in Ireland/N Ireland and then either use a car or train to reach destinations. Is this feasible for the NW200? and how near to Coleraine/Port Stewart would we need to be to get there for a day’s racing?

20miles, 50miles, 70 miles? I take it you do not need to book stand ticket to see some of the racing – or is it best to do so?

Any guidance would be really appreciated.

Thanks John

Source: Visiting NW200 (from Australia)