August 23, 2019

CB450 Shocks – shorten/replace ?

CB450 Shocks – shorten/replace ?

I’ve been slowly working slowly through the never-ending to-do list of jobs on the ’72.

Have to deal with this one before it ends up destroying the two silencers on me as well:

Link to Photo (1288 kB)

The shocks on her are about half an inch too long – 13″ / 335 mm between the bolt-centres as opposed to the 12.6″ / 320mm originals.

The ones on her ( I think) are the budget replacement shocks off the David Silver site listed for the CB450 – which are only available in that 13″ length.

Only option I have at the moment seems to be to cough up for a set of custom Hagon shocks – which aint cheap.

Realistically – is there any way of shortening the shocks that are on her, or doing something else to create some clearance between the back axle and the silencers ?

Source: CB450 Shocks – shorten/replace ?

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