June 2, 2020

Engine Build Help – ZX6R C6F 06

Engine Build Help – ZX6R C6F 06

Hi all,

Just finished rebuilding my first engine (zx6r 06) everything is replaced and running somehow! On the second run however the crankcase has somehow lifted and is spilling (not dripping) oil everywhere…..:bag:

I torqued all bolts in the rebuild with calibrated torque wrenches as per manual tightening order and used well-seal for the case faces. The only thing I didn’t do was replace the bolts, they were not marked as replaceable items. Maybe they stretched and bottomed out before pulling the cases together fully, but it all looked ok before install.

Anyways its lifted around the front sprocket driveshaft area, not sure if thats significant, maybe it is. Anyways Im just about to drop it back out and re-do everything, but if any engine builders have some tips for me Id really appreciate it. Thanks.

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