May 25, 2018

Rough after parking for a while

Rough after parking for a while

My (injected) FZ6 runs smooth when started from cold for hours.

But if I park it for like 20 minutes and then take it out then it runs rather rough for a good 10 minutes, including in neutral.

But only sometimes. I think it has something to do with heat. In the undeground parking there’s not that much air flowing, so something is heating up from the residual heat from the bike. The other day I was stuck for 3 traffic light changes in this lovely weather and I could feel it rouging a slight bit.

i checked the tps sensor with the diagnostics and is more or less fine (17 closed, 103 fully open). Engine temp is fine, and, again, works great from cold. Any ideas?

Source: Rough after parking for a while