June 25, 2024

Where is the Stanley Woods Clock?

Where is the Stanley Woods Clock?

I’m not sure if this is the right place, or if its becoming a personal quest or not.

TT visitor for 24 years, and booked for our annual pilgrimage in 25.

Anyhow, the scoreboard on Glenclutchery Road stood for a significant amount of time and yes it was like triggers broom. Many parts were replaced as it was rotten. When the put the fence up round it the writing was on the wall (so to speak) and now its gone. Many arguments for and against.

Some parts of the scoreboard are in the Manx Museum, some are at the motor museum at Jurby, There are a couple of bits at the Victory cafe at the Bungalow and Murrays has a couple of bits at Santon.

However, where is the Stanley Woods clock that used to sit in the middle of the scoreboard?

I personally feel this was one of the more important parts of the scoreboard, and it should have been preserved.
Stanley Woods was well before my time, but history shows him as an important part of the TT and he fairly liked the craic too.
Others have had corners named after them, but there was only 1 clock with his name on it.

I asked last year at the newly opened TT Gallery at the Manx Museum, the curator did not know.
I’ve asked online several times in various groups including TT, over 50’s TT, manx nostalgia etc.
I’ve even messaged Gef the Mongoose who’s online satire I enjoy, but he hasn’t gotten back to me.
My homestay Landlady in Onchan has asked around and has come back with nothing, and she’s pretty well connected apparently.

I again asked the curators at the Manx Museum this year, and was given an email address, which I appear to have dropped when I was buying my kippers/TT tshirts etc in Douglas that day.

Sorry for the ramble, but does anyone know about the clock?

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