September 30, 2018

little tour on Wednesday

little tour on Wednesday

I’m off on Wednesday so I’m planning a little ride out. The weather seems to be okay on Wednesday. I’m near Macroom so I would start there, head to Killarney, from there to Kenmare and back again.

Did this route already yesterday. It gave me a nice muscle ache and I could swear I heard my bike snickering when I crawled down from her…. :wassat:

So, I’m just doing it again to prove myself I can do it!

Anybody around who wants to keep me company?

I’m a casual driver, still on it to get used to my lady, which means I’m not fast (not possible with a 650 Enduro anyway) and I wouldn’t mind to have a coffee brake somewhere in between.

Anybody interested?

Start time would be around 2pm. I’m working Tuesday late and need a decent sleep…..

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